The power to obtain planetary powers through objects. Variation of Universal Object and Powers Via Object.

Also Called

  • Global/Worldly Object


The user has access to an object that grants them planetary powers. From artifacts to implements to source material of a particular astronomical body, the wielder can attain potent supernatural abilities related to one’s native or a foreign planet or even gain enhancements to existing abilities.

Some planetary items are actually derived from the physical material of a particular astronomical body. The substance is inherently supernatural and can pass its unique qualities on to the user. Others can enable a user the ability to tap into the essence of a planetary body and create various effects depending on its nature, similar to Planetary Symbiosis. There are other objects that can even manipulate entire worlds. With so much potential power that a planet can create/enable (geochemical, geophysical, etc.), a user can potentially achieve power of a global scale.




Known Objects


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