The ability to create beings of pollution or shape it into certain shapes. Sub-power of Pollution Manipulation. Variation of Entity Creation.


User is able to create beings of pollution, such as sludge, smog, trash, and broken machines, or shape existing pollution into wanted shapes and purposes. They can grant the beings varying levels of independence (controlled, automatons/programmed, semi-independent) and existence (momentary to permanent) and delete the creature once they are done with them. With a wide range of materials, these creatures are capable of working in the most hazardous areas known to humans.




  • May have limit for how independent the created beings can be.
  • May have a limit for how long the created beings exist.
  • May be unable to create pollution, being limited to shaping from already existing sources.
  • Created beings' structural strength may be limited by the users will.

Known Users

  • Bio-Haz (Great Greed)
  • Malus Scleris (Ravenloft)
  • Shadow Mario (Super Mario Sunshine)
  • Plasmus (Teen Titans)

Known Objects

  • Magic Paintbrush (Super Mario Sunshine)


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