The power to have a possessive defense. Combination of Defense Powers and Possession. Sub-power of Meta-Possession.

Also Called

  • Possessive Aura
  • Dominance Shield


The ability to have a defense that possess any attacks, objects and sentient beings with in certain range to the user, may function as an independent sentience around the user or function as part of the users mind.





  • Users of indomitable Emotions / Strong Heart/Strong Soul maybe immune.
  • Cannot possess those with Possession Immunity or Control Immunity.
  • Inhabiting multiple attacks objects or people may leave the hosts body vulnerable.
  • May only work with one body or attack at a time for new users.
  • May not have control over the host body, but simply influence the host with Mind Control.
  • Users of Telepathy may be immune.
  • May require a certain distance.
  • Certain attacks or enemies may be too strong to possess.

Known Users

  • Jealousy (The Amazing World of Gumball)
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