The power to replicate bodies of those the user has possessed. Combination of Possession and Replication

Also Called

  • Possessive Copy
  • Replicating Possession


User can possess/take over the body of living beings, and once they leave the body they can replicate that body to use as their own. The replicated body can be much like the body that was previously possessed, with powers, abilities and all.




  • May need to focus to return to original body.
  • May be overpowered by the host, placing the inhabitant in a sleep-like state.
  • May have to touch the target for the process to be made.
  • May only be able to use and replicate another's body with the host's permission.
  • May be banished through Purification.
  • May kill the host in the process by "crushing" them from the inside.
  • The inhabitant's actual body may be vulnerable to attack and the inhabitant may die or become trapped in the host if the possessor's body is damaged/destroyed beyond repair.
  • Users of Indomitable Will are either resistant or immune.
  • Cannot possess those with Possession Immunity, Singularity or Control Immunity.
  • There may be limit to the number of replicates user can have at a time.
  • Replicates may be temporary.
  • May be involuntary and/or triggered by certain actions/emotions/etc.
  • Replicated body may not be like the original in every way.

Known Users

  • Bizarro Clark (Smallville)
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