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"There can't possibly be any meaning in this world. But isn't that wonderful in its own right? Because if there isn't any, we can find our own."
― Sora no Woto
"It probably would have turned out even worse, if Miyabi hadn't come along and given me a new path. Thats why i'm going to keep doing this job. New Paths, New Possibilities...."
― Kyoma Mabuchi- Final Words (Dimension W)

The ability to create a new possibility from using pre-existing ones as materials. Sub-power of Meta Probability Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Possibility Accumulation
  • Probability Recreation


User can produce a new possible outcome/event from using fragments or an entirety of already existing probabilities from the no-ending void of alternate outcomes/realities/etc. as components to use, build, and add a new possibility to the boundless pool.

This allows the users a vast amount of creativity with nigh-limitless amounts of preexisting possibilities to use as building blocks, multiplied an innumerable fold with the mass amounts of integratable options that can happen within the new possibility.

There are however two major limitations, one is how likely the possibility is, and the context of the story may limit the probabilities available for use. Despite that, users within a sufficient level can overcome the former and the latter still keeps the array of choices high, still giving more than enough options and formulas to conjure.


Low Level

Middle Level

Master Level

Unbound Level



  • Users of Choicifery are immune.
  • All except for a sufficient tier, the likelihood of the newly produced possibilities may not be controllable.
    • Even if they are within the sufficient tier, they are more than likely only able to control the likelihood of the probability they created.
  • Possibilities available for use may be limited by the context of the story.
  • A Possibility Manipulater or a Path Killer can limit possibility for the user.

Known Users

  • Oramus (Exalted)
  • Dandy (Space Dandy)
  • Chip/Light Gaia (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics)
  • Sherlock Holmes (TYPE-MOON); via Elementary, My Dear

Known Objects

  • Genesis (Dimension W)
  • Algorithm of Destiny (Not Lives)

Known Locations

  • Dimension W (Dimension W)