The ability to switch or shift from one power to another. Sub-power of Power Replication. Variation of Shapeshifting. Not to be confused with Self-Adaptive Power.

Also Called

  • Power Shapeshifting/Polymorphing/Inclinkinesis
  • Power Megamorphing/Metamorphing/Metamorphosis


The user can switch from one ability to another, usually seen in people with Power Replication who shift from one power to another. In some cases the users have inherent abilities which can be drastically different from one another and can easily shift from one to the next.


  • Users may gain more control over abilities that need higher concentration, being able to switch to a safer ability if hard to turn off.
  • Users may develop Power Mixture, Power Replication (if user is born with abilities) or Multi-Power Use.



  • May need to focus to change powers.
    • May take time to change.
  • May take practice to learn to control.
  • User may only be able to hold onto a certain number of powers at a time.
    • User may unintentionally cast off undesired powers in favor of more relevant ones.
  • Shifting may be involuntary.

Known Users

  • Delsin Rowe (Infamous Second Son)
  • Jack-Jack (The Incredibles)
  • Ultimate Ben (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien): via Ultimatrix
  • Terumi Yuuki (BlazeBlu)
  • Eidolon (Worm)
  • Mikan Sakura (Gakuen Alice)
  • Chameleons (Shadow Falls); shift powers between those of witches, vampires, faes, shape-shifters, werewolves, and gifted humans.
    • Kylie Galen
    • Malcolm Summers
    • Heidi Summers
    • Daniel Brighten
    • Hayden Yates
    • Roberto Esparza
    • Mario Esparza
    • Jenny Yates
    • Lucinda Esparza
    • John Esparza
  • Tessa Gray (Shadowhunter Chronicles); via Doppelgänger Morphing
  • Cole McGrath (Infamous 2)
  • Arceus (Pokémon)
  • Melie (Radiant); when she switches personalities
  • Edwin Alva Jr. (Static Shock)
  • Ultra Boy (DC Comics)
  • Composite Superman (DC Comics)
  • Combo Man (Marvel Comics)
  • AMAZO (DC Comics)
  • Super-Skrull (Marvel Comics)
  • Kevin Levin (Ben 10)
    • Kevin 11
    • Kevin 11,000
    • Ultimate Kevin
    • Omniverse Kevin
    • Monster Kevin
  • Devlin Levin (Ben 10)
  • Ultimate Aggregor (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
  • Super-Adaptoid (Marvel Comics)
  • Master of Games (Teen Titans/DC Comics)
  • Master Silver (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003)
  • Animaestro (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)


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