The ability to adopt an object's abilities after using them.

Also Called

  • Enhancement Adaptation/Adoption
  • Ability Adaptation
  • Power Adaptation/Adoption


User can adopt/adapt abilities from objects after using them. For example, if they use power suit with special abilities, they can copy those abilities and use them without the suit.




  • Adopting abilities from objects may take a long time, be extremely difficult, and/or require observation/study.
  • May be limited to a certain number of powers:
    • Soft limit: acquiring too many abilities, or the wrong ability, can make the user stressed or unstable.
    • Hard limit: user must discard an old ability to adopt a new one, or else can't learn new powers at all.
  • May be restricted to certain powers/types of power and is unable to adopt others.
  • May be limited to adopting abilities from certain objects only.
  • May also adopt an object's weaknesses.

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