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"You can't just buy superpowers."
"Oh yeah? Tell that to Batman!"
― Buttercup and Princess Morbucks (The Powerpuff Girls)

The ability to purchase superpowers. Sub-power of Absolute Buying. Variation of Power Bestowal.

Also Called

  • Ability Purchasing


Users can purchase superpowers from anyone who's willing to sell it to them. Users of this power usually are deal makers or merchants that make "business deals" or contracts with anyone who has powers that may interest them. These exchanges can range from/with regular beings with superpowers, supernatural beings, gods, cosmic entities, etc. The user must purchase these powers with things of equal value whether it being money, souls, ancient artifacts, and much more.


Any superpower being sold to them.



  • Can't purchase Omnipotence from an omnipotent being.
    • This may include it's variations as well.
  • Users must follow the law of equivalent exchange. In order to receive the power being offered to them they must offer something of equal value.
    • Users may not have the sufficient funds to buy the power being offered to them.
  • The higher the power level, the more it will cost the user.
  • Can't buy the power if it's not being sold to them.
  • Will still be subjected to the limitations of the power they bought.
  • May not know how to properly use or control the power they bought.

Known Users

  • Yooka (Yooka-Laylee)
  • Laylee (Yooka-Laylee)