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"He's learning as he fights!"
― Vegeta on Broly (Dragon Ball Super: Broly)

The power to have the potential to mimic powers. Combination of Power Replication and Supernatural Potential. Variation of Power Replication.

Also Called

  • Advanced/Immense Mimicry Potential
  • Incredible Mimicry Potential
  • Super/Superhuman Mimicry Potential


The user has the ability to mimic the powers of others through their own untapped potential, able to learn and copy their opponent’s powers and skills as they fight.

The users capacity for replication is based on & limited by their potential. If the user possesses enhanced potential, they’ll likely develop Diminished Power Replication. If the user possesses Supernatural Potential, they’ll likely possess Power Replication, perhaps even Enhanced Power Replication. Though it’s rare to have Absolute Potential, if the user so gifted, they may even reach reach Omni-Power Replication status.





  • Capability Suppression.
  • Potential Reduction.
  • Usurp Potential.
  • As this is a power based on potential, there is no guarantee of the user copying others powers.
  • Unlike normal Power Replication, this depends on the user being able to understand how the ability they're working for functions. Abilities or tactics that hinder the users understanding, senses, mind or perception will likely prevent this power from working.
  • Likely limited by the direction their potential leans towards.
    • Ex: one with immense potential for the martial arts is unlikely to replicate powers & skills based on cooking or food.

Known Users