"Save your sympathy for robot-brain here. Now that he's close, I've transformed my body into neutronium, an element which absorbs all energy. It knocked out his power system. Before you vote, I'd better tell you my power is limited. I've never tried it on more than one adversary at a time."
― Hart Druiter/Nemesis Kid, both demonstrating and explaining about his signature power (DC Comics)

The ability to develop powers to counteract another person's power. Sub-power of Reactive Adaptation, Power-Shifting, and Superpower Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Counter/Counteraction/Nemesis Power
  • Power Domination


User can develop a super-power to counteract another person's abilities. For example, if the other person is using Fire Manipulation, the user could develop Water Manipulation to counteract that power. Also, if the opponent is using Reality Warping, the user could develop Reality Anchoring to counteract that power.


  • Can be used to defend against the other person's power.
  • Can develop powers to counteract obstacles around the user.
  • Can turn the tide of a battle.
  • Develop counter powers to counter others' abilities.
  • Self-Adaptive Power
  • Useful against multiple power holders having both passive and active ability counters.




  • User has weak points before they obtain opposite/counteractive powers.
  • Developed powers may be temporary.
  • Some powers don't have an opposite or a counteractive ability.
  • The user may need to learn how to use acquired power.
  • Users may or may not be able to control adaptations.
  • New adaptations may take time to develop.
  • May be limited to certain number of counteractive abilities at a time.
  • Combat sense or team-up tactics may cause problems.
  • May need to observe targets powers to know what powers to use.
  • Physical counter powers like Auxiliary Organs, may be painful to obtain.

Known Users

  • Stalker (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Bleach)
  • Guardians (Breath of Fire III)
  • Hart Druiter/Nemesis Kid (DC Comics)
  • Devastator (DC Comics)
  • OMAC (DC Comics)
  • Wahl Icht (Fairy Tail)
  • For Whom The Death Tolls (Grrl Power)
  • Umeko Tanaka (Inou battle wa Nichijou-kei no Nada de)
  • Aaron Nicholson/The Answer (Marvel Comics)
  • David Haller/Legion/Endgame (Marvel Comics); persona of Legion
  • Mark X/Future Sentinels (Marvel Comics/X-Men Movie Series); via Superior Adaptation
  • Super-Adaptoid (Marvel Comics)
  • Protege (Marvel Comics)
  • Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons (Persona)
    • Aigis
    • Labrys
  • Type: Null (Pokémon)
  • Yukishiro Enishi (Rurouni Kenshin)
  • Kylie Galen (Shadow Falls); while in protector mode
  • Teräs Käsi practitioners (Star Wars/Star Wars Legends)
    • Arden Lyn
    • Qi'ra
  • The Demonkind (Steel Angel Kurumi)
  • Mech-Zangief (Street Fighter series)
  • Techadon Robots (Ben 10 series)


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