The power to gain powers through a symbiotic relationship with a force/power-based being. Variation of Symbiosis. Not to be confused with Enigma Force.

Also Called

  • Potentikinetic Symbiosis
  • Raw/Supernatural Force Symbiosis


The user can gain powers through a symbiotic relationship with a being of pure force/power. Whether the being is an embodiment of paranormal ability, an entity that controls dynamic essence or an agent comprised of sheer force, the bond grants the host control over extraordinary faculties related to raw, supernatural power.




  • The potentikinetic entity may take over the host’s mind and/or body (Possession).
  • The power wielded may be dangerous to the user.
  • Powerful force entity may harm or even destroy host’s body.
  • Bond Destruction/Power Immunity/Power Warping/Superpower Manipulation could defeat the user.
  • May require a supernatural contract.
  • May not have control over manifestation/nature of abilities acquired.

Known Users


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