Power to be immune to some or all forms of precognition. Variation of Power Immunity.

Also Called

  • Precognitive Invulnerability
  • Precognition Blockage


The user is immune to all forms of precognitive abilities, which keeps them from appearing in any of the visions a precog has, even if they are at said event in the future.




  • Any attempt will result in appearing like the user has no future.
  • Doesn't work against Retrocognition since it lets people see in the past.
  • May not protect against Flawless Precognition.

Known Users

  • Will of the Mental World (Big Order)
  • Mimihagi (Bleach)
  • Cole Turner (Charmed); as The Source of all Evil
  • Matthew Tate (Charmed); after copying Phoebe's power
  • Siona Atreides (Dune)
  • Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver (Marvel Comics)
  • Janus Jardeesh (Marvel Comics)
  • Old Woman (Push)
  • Quileute shapeshifters (Twilight Saga)
  • Vampire hybrids (Twilight Saga)
  • Endbringers (Worm)
  • Scion (Worm)


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