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The power to induce pregnancy in others. Sub-power of Fertility Inducement and Supernatural Reproduction.

Also Called

  • Immaculate Conception
  • Procreation Inducement
  • Instant Impregnation
  • Spontaneous Impregnation


The user can cause the female gender of a species to spontaneously become pregnant with children after sexual intercourse, or simply without a male partner. This can also work on a species that reproduces asexually.





  • Unless the user finds an asexual species, the power can only work on those with female reproductive systems.
  • User may be the parent of the offspring.

Known Users

  • Ori (Stargate SG-1)
  • Melone (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part V: Golden Wind/Vento Aureo); via Baby Face
  • Szayel Aporro Granz (Bleach)
  • Paranoids (Gall Force)
  • Anna (Hiling - Film)
  • Bart Simpson (The Simpsons); via Voodoo Spell Casting
  • Cat Demon (Legend of Mermaid)
  • God (Christianity/Islam)
  • Haxil Beast (Angel)
  • Starman (Starman)
  • The Force (Star Wars)
  • SCP-231 - Special Personnel Requirements (SCP Foundation)
  • Callisto (Xena: Warrior Princess)
  • Ingrid Beauchamp (Witches of East End); via Spell Casting
  • John Blackwell (The Secret Circle); via Magic
  • Jeannie (Round the Twist)

Known Objects

  • Fertility Water of the Female Kingdom (Journey to the West)
  • Stewie's Fertility Machine (Family Guy)
  • Aku's Essence (Samurai Jack)