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The power to possess prehensility on all body parts. Sub-power of Prehensility Manipulation. Variation of Natural Weaponry.

Also Called

  • Body Prehensility
  • Prehensile Body


The user has prehensility on all parts of their body, (head, forearms, fore legs, back, torso, etc.) that would not be able to normally grasp and manipulate objects with the ease of doing so with the hands. For example hold a weapon with their wrist/forearm instead of hand, hold a ball with the side of leg, or hold a basket with tummy.

They can do the same with any anatomical feature, bodily fluids, skin, muscles, etc.




  • May need some further training to improve using the prehensile abilities.
  • May require focus to keep manipulating the object.
  • May have trouble doing things such as pulling the trigger of a gun.

Known Users

  • Ruki (Senyu)
  • Bogie Woods (Toriko)