"This is... awful. You're just some incomplete monster..."
― Sonic the Hedgehog on Alf Layla wa-Layla, Sonic and the Secret Rings

The power to achieve an evolved form before all the requirements are met. Variation of Evolution. Not to be confused with Partial Transformation.

Also Called

  • Incomplete Evolution/Transformation
  • Partial Evolution/Transformation
  • Premature Transformation


The user can achieve a superior form in between the "base" and "complete" levels. By certain standards, an evolution may require certain perquisites (such as time, amount ingested) to be met before the user can achieve the new form, and cannot be reached if anything is missing or removed (resulting in a failure that may cause either regression or even death). This ability allows the user to reach an evolved state without all the necessary steps in place, although with certain drawbacks.




  • The achieved form may be weaker than the complete form.
  • May lead to certain drawbacks due to lack of certain components.
  • More often than not, this is used as a desperation when a complete evolution is hampered.
  • May be difficult/impossible to reach completion if this form is taken.
  • Can be reversed via Devolution.

Known Users


  • Glitch Bob (ReBoot)
  • Super Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 TV series)



  • Marius (Underworld: Blood Wars)

Video Games

Known Objects

  • χ-blade (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)


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