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The ability to manipulate pressure points.

Also Called

  • Pressure Point Control
  • Stress Point Control/Manipulation


The user possesses the ability to manipulate pressure points. With this power, the user is able to generate many kinds of effects through use of this power. These can range from healing, unconsciousness, paralysis, and even death.




  • May be limited to certain beings.
  • Can be deadly and can unintentionally kill if misused.
  • May require knowledge of pressure points.

Known Users

See Also: Pressure Point

  • Chi blocking users (Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra)
  • Grey Matter (Ben 10 reboot)
  • Jade Fox (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
  • Li Mu Bai (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
  • Horu-Kanu Users (DC Comics)
  • Practitioners of Hokuto Shin Ken/Big Dipper God Fist (Fist of the Blue Sky/Fist of the North Star)
  • Users of Ancient Miyagi-Do (The Karate Kid Series)
  • Nerve attack Users (Kung Fu Panda)
    • Mantis
    • Oogway
    • Shifu
    • Tai Lung
  • Mantis (Marvel Comics)
  • Gentle Fist Users (Naruto)
  • Vulcans (Star Trek)
  • Master Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Oroku Saki/The Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Knocking Users (Toriko)
  • Pressure Points Users (Xena: Warrior Princess)