"What the heck was that? Spider-Sense went nuts, like nothing I've ever felt before. Like the word Hide was burned across my brain in letters 10 feet high."
― Peter Parker/Spider-Man after reacting to Morlun's Killing Intent (The Amazing Spider-Man 1999 #31)

Power to possess instincts akin to that of a prey creature. Variation of Intuitive Aptitude. Opposite of Predator Instinct.


The user possesses instincts that allows them to become a master of evasion. Users with this ability can discern numerous factors of a situation, including how much of a threat a foe poses, what move they will make, where they are going, and if these things relate to bringing harm to the user, as well as how to hide without giving away one’s presence, and how to preserve energy when running.



Known Users

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