The power to generate primordial lightning. Sub-power of Primordial Lightning Manipulation. Variation of Primordial Element Generation.

Also Called

  • Ancient Electricity Creation/Generation
  • Prime Lightning Creation/Generation


The user can generate primordial lightning, lightning so ancient that it was from the beginning of the universe. Being more powerful than ordinary lightning generation, the user can use this power for a variety of powerful effects.




  • Can only create primordial lightning, not control it.

Known Users

  • Cyclopes (Greek Mythology)
    • Arges
    • Brontes
    • Steropes
  • Indra (Hindu Mythology)
  • Chaac (Mayan Mythology)
  • Huracan (Mayan Mythology)
  • Raijū and Raijin/Raiden (Shinto/Japanese Mythology)
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