Power to emit a field (often spherical) that affects the likelihood of something happening. Sub-power of Probability Manipulation. Variation of Effect Field Projection.

Also Called

  • Probability Area
  • Probability Field Creation
  • Probability Zone


The user has the ability to emit a field wherever they wish that affects the likelihood of something happening, whether by reducing or increasing it.


In the field, the power can cause:



  • May be limited on how many times in a certain period it can be used.
  • Other users of probability manipulation may be immune to this power or can simply reverse the effects.
  • May be limited to causing or preventing likely/unlikely things happening.
  • Effort/strength required may be inversely proportional to how much good or bad luck can be induced in an area.
  • May have limits as to how big the Probability Zone can be.
  • Users may not have control over what happens in the zone.

Known Users


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