The ability to manipulate sideways time.

Also Called

  • Probable Time Control
  • Sideways Time Control/Manipulation
  • Variable Time Control/Manipulation


The user can manipulate "sideways time", meaning they don't just affect time as it goes forward or backward. They can accelerate, fast forward, rewind, slow or stop time along any possible future, past or present there is other than what is supposedly going to happen in the universe they are in. They can also increase and decrease probability of each event happening, as well as create new ones or destroy existing ones.




  • May be able to affect only themselves.
  • May have limited ability in the length of time, the extend of probability and area they can affect.
  • Users of Omnilock, Spatial-Temporal Lock and Temporal Lock are immune to this power.
  • Over-usage may strain the user.
  • May be unable to affect certain objects, such as the deceased or inanimate.

Known Users

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