The ability to duplicate any process, procedure or actions that leads to the desired effect or outcome.

Also Called

  • Process Mass-production/Acceleration
  • Outcome Repetition


The user can mimic, recreate and/or accelerate the conditions that lead to a desired outcome or effect, for instance healing multiple people of the exact same illness over and over or rapid-firing an attack over and over with no decline in quality.

Usually they are capable of doing this due to an abundance of whatever substance or materials are necessary, for example being able to ignite oxygen over and over again to produce multiple explosions. Sometimes the power works "in reverse", having an outcome in mind and somehow find ANY means to see it happen regardless of conditions. Stronger examples of this can outright break the laws of physics or reality and force the desired event despite being logically impossible.




  • May be limited to events that are only possible in specific conditions.
  • May be limited to only "creating" the circumstances, requiring outside action to set the outcome in motion.
  • May be mentally taxing or even harm the user's sanity.
  • If specific to a small number of effects, ability may become predictable.
  • May not be able to stop the process once started.
  • May not be able to start a new process until a previous one has started.
  • Multiple processes may cancel each other out or have unexpected consequences.

Known Users

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