The ability to manipulate sand to increase their maneuverability. Sub-power of Sand Manipulation. Variation of Geokinetic Surfing.

Also Called

  • Sand Surfing


The user controls the sand in a way that increases their ability to move and/or maneuver either by granting them abilities they otherwise lack or allowing them to ignore normally needed equipment.


  • Enhanced Speed by riding a 'wave' of sand.
  • Psammokinetic Flight by lifting crystals; this can be done by:
    • Shaping it into a pillar, slide or something similar and riding it; this forces the user to stay relatively close to the element.
    • Lift a part of it and simply flying away.
  • Sliding 'Surfing' or 'Skating' the sand without board or skates.
  • Supernatural Leap by making the sand 'fling' the user in the wanted direction.


Known Users

  • Gaara (Naruto)
  • Sandman (Rise of the Guardians)


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