The ability to project images from the minds of other beings/oneself into reality. Sub-power of Mental Projection.

Also Called

  • Mental Image Projection


The user can project images from their own mind or others and manifest them as material in reality. The user can literally bring nightmarish thoughts to life and bring mental-based fantasies into reality.



Known Users

  • Hecate (Marvel Comics)
  • Armor(Marvel Comics)
  • Tildie Soames (Marvel Comics)
  • Rick Jones (Marvel Comics); temporary
  • Baxter/Titan (Valiant Entertainment)
  • John Torkelson/Torque (Valiant Entertainment)
  • Whis (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Aries Kiki (Saint Seiya Omega)
  • Deirdre (Heroes Reborn)
  • Stand Users (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)
  • Arnon (Charmed)

Known Objects

  • Mind Gem (Marvel Comics)


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