The power to manipulate the id, ego and superego.

Also Called

  • Ego Control/Manipulation
  • Id Control/Manipulation
  • Superego Control/Manipulation


User can manipulate ego, id, superego. They can manipulate their id, which contains a person's instinctual, basic needs; the ego, which acts according to the reality principle and balances both the id's needs and reality; and the superego, which reflects the internalization of cultural rules. They can influence these things to determine what a person might do, whether good or bad, and they can override or strengthen one of the three. They could also weaken the three parts of the psyche or negate them.






  • May be limited to manipulating only the ego, superego or id.

Known Users

  • Deuteronomy (Marvel Comics)
  • Dr. Byron Orpheus (The Venture Bros.)
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