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[[Category:Combat Powers]]
[[Category:Combat Powers]]
[[Category:Rare power]]
[[Category:Rare power]]
[[Category:Mental Power]]

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The ability to project low-powered projectiles of psychic energy. Sub-power of Psychic Attacks. Variation of Bolt Projection and Energy Bolt Projection.

Also Called

  • Psionic/Psychic Bolt/Burst/Dart Emission/Projection


The user is able to create and project bolts of psychic energy and control the intensity/power of their projectiles, the bolts aren't weak but they aren't as powerful as a full powered attack. These bolts could be used to stun, injure, or even to possibly penetrate/stab the enemy.



Known Users

  • Jean Grey (Marvel)
  • Emma Frost (Marvel)
  • Psylocke (Marvel)
  • Nyx (Warframe)
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