The power to fuse psychic energy into physical combat. Sub-power of Telekinesis and Tactile Telekinesis, variation of Psionic Combat.

Also Called

  • Telekinetic Combat


The user is able to infuse psychic energy into combat by focusing their telekinesis energy into their body for physical combat.


Known Users

  • Seeds of Agito (Kamen Rider Agito)
  • Minoru Kamiya (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Professor X (Marvel)
  • Shadow King (Marvel)
  • Psylocke (Marvel)
  • Jean Grey (Marvel)
  • Psimon (Champions)
  • Menton (Champions)
  • Mentalla (Champions)
  • Mindslayer (Champions)
  • Most PSI agents (Champions)
  • Elder Worms (Champions)
  • Rakshasa (Champions)
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