"Can’t erase Sam’s hell, but I can put it behind a wall, if you will.
"A wall. In his mind – a dam to hold back the tide." "
― Death and Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

The ability to place psychic inhibitors into others' minds. A sub-power of Telepathy and Mental Manipulation. Opposed by Mental Barrier Destruction

Also Called

  • Psychic Barriers
  • Psychic Barricades


The user can place psychic barriers in others' minds, allowing them to block things like abilities and memories. Once they have placed the blocks, the victims cannot access their abilities or memories, making them harmless.




Known Users

  • Charles Xavier (Marvel Comics)
  • Emma Frost (Marvel Comics)
  • Rachel Summers (Marvel Comics)
  • Kal-El/Superman (DC Comics)
  • Nagato/Pain (Naruto)
  • Ketsuryūgan users (Naruto)
  • Death (Supernatural)


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