The ability to possess mind-reading reflexes. Sub-power of Mind Reading and Enhanced Reflexes.

Also Called

  • Mental Reflexes
  • Psionic Reactions/Reflexes
  • Psychic Reactions


The user is able to react to anything by linking with an one opponent's mind or more, not only allowing the user to know what their opponent(s) will do next, but know instinctively how to react to what their opponents will do next. The reflexes themselves may be automatic or non-automatic. While this does link to a target's mind, the target is usually unable to read the minds of others.




  • Psychic Immunity may interfere with this ability.
  • May be tricked into hurting themselves.
  • May not work against Unpredictability.
  • Although the body may know what the target(s) will do, it may be unable to respond if the user's other capabilities cannot respond adequately.
  • Works only on living beings.

Known Users

  • Mister X (Marvel Comics)
  • Victor Falco (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012)
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