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The ability to use purification-based abilities by using ranged weapons as conduits. Variation of Power Artillery. Opposite to Corruption Artillery.

Also CalledEdit

  • Anti-Corruption Artillery
  • Cleansed/Cleansing Artillery
  • Purification Bow Proficiency/Usage
  • Purification Firearms Proficiency/Usage
  • Purification Gun Proficiency/Usage


The user can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc, as a conduit for purification-based forces or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.




  • Useless without ranged weapon medium.
  • May drive a user insane.
  • May only be able to use one purification-based effect.
  • May require a source of a specific type of purity or purifying effects.
  • Corruption Inducement can negate the weapon's effectiveness.
  • May have no effect on Purification Immunity.

Known UsersEdit

Known ItemsEdit


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