"Am I not playing out the role that was written? Will creation deny what it set in motion? No. There have been many endings...this will be another. Your world of heroes isn't special."
― Nyx (Marvel Comics)

The power to assign/re-assign the purposes of another and/or oneself. Sub-power of Purpose Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Purpose Mandate


The user can assign or re-assign the purposes of others or themselves. For example, if objects purpose is to fix things, the user can reassign the purpose to another object or even a living being.




  • User cannot create or terminate purposes, only re-assign or assign other beings or themselves different versions.
  • User cannot re-assign the purpose of beings who have already fulfilled the purpose that has been played out for them.
  • User cannot undo the effects of purpose, only re-direct who or what will be affected by it.

Known Users

  • Father (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
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