"Well, that's my role. To bring adventure to your life."
― Annie Nielsen (What Dreams May Come)
"You set out on a journey that wasn't your own. Now, it's time to find a path that is truly yours. Don't follow me any further."
― Jack Crusher (Star Trek: TNG)
"I think I'm quite ready for another adventure."
― Bilbo Baggins final words (The Lord of the Rings)

The power to induce quests on anyone or anything. Sub-power of Quest Manipulation. Variation of Inducement.

Also Called

  • Journey Inducement
  • Sojourn Inducement


User can induce quests, a long journey towards a specific goal, onto anyone/anything. allowing them to decide the length of the journey, the hazards/obstacles encountered along the way and how it will begin and end.




  • User can only induce quests, they cannot manipulate them.
  • Users of Rule Bending are immune.
  • Users might only be able to induce quests in others.

Known Users

  • Belthasar (Chrono Cross)
  • The Monk (Samurai Jack); season 5 only
  • Kaguya-Hime (Tale of the Bamboo Cutter)
  • Water of Life (The Neverending Story)
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