the ability to generate pure energy from one's own body.

Also Called

  • Aether Generation/Secretion
  • Ether Generation/Secretion
  • Quintessence Emanation
  • Quintessence Generation/Exudation


Users of this ability will be able to generate their own energy instead of depending on the energy around them. The energy produced can be utilized for a number of uses such as enhancing their own physical or mental attributes to superhuman level or above.Unlike most energy powers, this ability can not be absorbed or copied if focused. The reason for this is that this power is generated by ones own power. Users will also be able to supply their bodies with infinite amounts of energy allowing them to go for days without food, water, or sleep. This is one of the few abilities that cannot be replicated by Power Mimicry, because the energy being used comes from the self, not from the outside world.It is the strongest, most powerful element it is known as a very holy element, the material that God used to create the universe as we know it, and therefore, the essence of all living things. Quintessence allows the User who possesses it a wide range of mystical abilities and talents. For instance, one can open and close portals in time and space, unite the four elements of nature, and bestow life just as easily as one can take it away with it's destructive force. The user is also granted an assortment of powerful psychic abilities and greatly strengthened physical attributes. Such great power and strength placed in the wrong hands could lead to total disaster



  • Rest may be required to stabilize the mind
  • Food & rest may be needed if too much energy is used at once

Known Users

  • Static (DC)
  • Will (W.I.T.C.H)
  • Nerrisa (W.I.T.C.H)
  • Eragon (Inheritance Cycle)
  • Magicians (Inheritance Cycle)
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