The ability to fabricate inventions at incredible speeds. Sub-power of Master BuilderMeta Crafting, Nanite Manipulation and Omnifabrication.

Also Called

  • Accelerated Manufacturing


User can take their inventions fabricate them at incredible speeds, allowing them to respond to situations on the fly; countering, defending, exploiting weaknesses, saving others, getting out of tough situations, just for convenience, e.t.c..




  • May be limited by resources.
  • May be limited by inventing prowess.

Known Users

  • Player Engineers (World of Warcraft) can construct motorbikes, helicopters and mechs from parts in under a minute.
  • Master Builders (The LEGO Movie)
  • Planchakules (Ben 10)
    • Jury Rigg
    • UpRigg
  • Cain (The New Gate)
  • Kino Yakiobe (Senryuu Shoujo)
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