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* [[Calm State]]
* [[Calm State]]
* [[Emotion Negation]]
* [[Emotion Negation]]
* [[Flinching Immunity]]
* [[Immobility]]
* [[Immobility]]
* [[Knockdown Immunity]]
* [[Knockdown Immunity]]

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Power to not react to anything.

Also CalledEdit

  • Reaction Negation
  • Zero Reaction


User does not react to anything, including pain, attacks, emotion/sensory effects, being surprised, anything that affects, movement, etc.



  • Can still be killed/damaged/suffer negative sensory effects.
  • May only be active during battle.

Known UsersEdit

  • Santa's Elves (Family Guy)
  • Inferi (Harry Potter)
  • Mr. Obsidian (Girl Genius)
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