The ability to create armor out of the fabric of reality. Variation of Exoskeleton and Reality Anchoring. Not to be confused with Imaginative Armor


The user can warp/generate reality in order to create an armor composed of reality around themselves. By encasing themselves in the fabric of reality, they essentially remove themselves from reality and exist inside of the armor.

Because they, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists in reality nor abides by the rules of reality, most methods of attack are rendered completely moot due to the armor flat out ignoring the attack. The user is immune to the reality warping and can perceive the true reality.


  • Absolute Defense - The user's defenses cannot be breached by most attacks
    • Freedom - Because the user no longer exists inside of reality, they are free of all its conventions
    • Physical Law Immunity - Whilst inside the armor, the user is immune to the laws of reality.
  • Reality Anchoring - While inside the armor, the user is unaffected by changes to reality outside and beyond the armor
    • Reality Perception - Because of this immunity, the user can also see the "true" reality, exposing falsehoods and other such perversions of the true reality.
    • Reality Separation - In part of this immunity or too it a user is neither apart of actuality or uncertainty. able to exist in both while at the same time not be afflicted by either or anything relating to the two.



  • Absolute Attack that can slice break/slice through reality could destroy this armor.
  • Absolute Strength with the power to rend reality can bypass this.
  • As armor itself is not immune to the changes inflicted upon it, Reality Warping can affect it.

Known Users

  • Ancient Gina (Gold Digger)
  • Users of Beta Technology (Gold Digger)
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