"It didn’t work. I tried it and it didn’t work!! Even with a palette knife to peel away the paint and even when I peeled it away in extremely thin layers, I wasn’t satisfied with the result. There is no longer a convenient path leading back to the way things were. The age can only advance. If what I want is not before my eyes, then my only option is to create the next world!!"
― Othinus, Toaru Majutsu no Index, New Testament 09

The ability to redefine reality through metaphysical filters. Sub-power of Reality Warping and Meta Probability Manipulation. Techniques of Subjective Reality. Variation of Reality Modding. Opposite to Temporal Phase Manipulation. Not to be confused with Reality Level Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Fantasy Filter Manipulation
  • Filter Alteration
  • Reality Addition/Subtraction
  • Reality Layering
  • Reality Redefinition
  • Spatial Phase Manipulation


User is able to apply metaphysical filters to the world to redefine reality. When used, the filters that are placed on to reality does not compromise the world's original/previous state and everything before, even the inhabitants may not realize the change. By extension, the user is able to preform actions, simple or intuitive, risky or safe, without any actual danger or consequence to what is considered, the "Pure World".

The "Pure World" can be of many forms, depending on the stories' context. It can be a world full of science and facts, magic/supernatural, simplicity or complexity, etc. Though as long as there are perspectives, religions and theories, or even simple ideas, few of which apply filters to the world, based on that logic, no world is "pure" as long as a single concept exist.

Though if these filters are to be true, then it can be assumed that specific state of the world would not necessarily be erased when a new filter is applied, therefore no permanent damage is caused. The effects of new filters can vary from being similar to the previous, while also simultaneously being drastically different (i.e; a person having the same personality, but a different age at the same time). Summarized, every filter coincide with one another.

In conclusion, with the applications of filters, the user is able to add, remove or change anything in the world. Whether it be the quantity of dimensions, the structure of a system (physical or metaphysical), or even the fundamentals of concepts, they are able to achieve virtually any possibility by overlapping the previous "veil" with the one of the desired effects.

Applications (Examples)



  • The "original/previous" world may still exist, but reside outside of the resident reality.
  • Cannot filter in or out users of Omnipotence.
  • The user may be unable to return to an exact previous world without a reference point,and only be able to move on to a copy.

Known Users

  • The Creator (Final Fantasy Legend)
  • The Lifemaker (Negima)
  • Othinus (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
  • Majin (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
  • Doctor (Wildstorm)


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