"Solipsism... is sometimes spoken of as the philosophical term for insanity. It certainly seems to stand for metaphysics run mad, or, in politer language, for subjective idealism carried to extremes. The solipsist claims to be the sole inhabitant of the universe, and all manifestations to the contrary are merely subjective states of his own. As with so many other mentally unbalanced persons, his cosmos is all ego."
― Percy F. Bicknell (The Solace of Solipsism)
"What is hell? Hell is oneself.
Hell is alone, the other figures in it
Merely projections. There is nothing to escape from
And nothing to escape to. One is always alone."
― T. S. Eliot (The Cocktail Party)

The ability to be the mind that imagines reality. Variation of Unity, Reality Dreaming and Unimind. Technique of Existence Declaration. Not to be confused with Mentifery. Advanced version of Solipsistic Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute Solipsism
  • Everything In The Mind
  • Metaphysical Solipsism
  • Panentheistic Solipsism
  • Reality Consciousness/Imagining/Meditation/Thinking
  • The Overmind


The user has the mind that can imagine all of reality, meaning that everything of reality are the products one's mind, thoughts and imagination thusly all things the user thinks off is surely to exist to one's desires. Everything existing is within the mentality of the user with with all passing thoughts/ideals being manifested into form as something "truly real" by either the users own will or as the psychological makeup of the user's mind.

In effect, because all things comes from sheer thought alone everyone whether their mortals, gods, or cosmic entities being both thought-forms and sentient beings to the users making them supreme beings within said existence having unimaginable power, as such they can literally do anything they can think off without any limits.

Unlike Reality Dreaming, the user is more in a state of meditation or constant thinking than being asleep. Taking the concept of Solipsism to an absolute level.




Known Users

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  • Evil Ernie (Chaos! Comics)
  • The Brain (DC Comics); temporarily
  • The Luminous Being (Forgotten Realms)
  • The All (Hermeticism)
  • The Higher Entities (Megaton Rainfall)
  • The Goddess of The Manifold (Manifold Trilogy)
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