The power to overwrite reality with custom modifications. Sub-power of Virtual Warping and Meta Probability Manipulation. Advanced version of Remaking and Customization. Not to be confused with Reality Hacking.

Also Called

  • Reality Editor
  • Reality Remaking


User can modify reality via the creation of "mods", customized fragments of reality overwriting the original. Each modification must be precisely defined in order to work properly, the last ones overwriting the previous in case of contradiction.

These mods can do almost anything, add new elements, remove existing ones and modify any aspect of reality. Each of them can be activated and deactivated at will, re-modified or removed, allowing users to try out an unlimited number of experiences without consequences.




  • Modifications must be precisely defined in advance.
  • Limited by the user's knowledge and understanding.

Known Users

  • Doctor Eggman (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog); via Genesis Wave
  • Dream/Morpheus (Vertigo/DC Comics); when enough people dream the same thing
  • Players (Garry's Mod); via user-created mods
  • Angel Boat (If Her Flag Breaks)
  • Players (Minecraft); via user-created mods
  • All Spellcasters (Scrapped Princess)
  • Players (Team Fortress 2); via user-created mods/commands
  • Harvesters (The Deaths of Ian Stone)

Known Objects

  • Ultimate Destruction Program (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Angel Player (Angel Beats)
  • Genesis Wave (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Heavens Filing System (Misfile)
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