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"I reject your reality and substitute my own"
― Adam Savage possibly quoting The Dungeonmaster
"You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland. And I show you how deep the Rabbit hole goes."
― Morpheus to Tomas A. Anderson, offering means to stay in the fake reality or to enter the true reality.
"We all need to put away our “Mars Attacks!” cards and start being realistic. We are not under attack. We are not the “last line of defense”. We are not on the cusp of a new era. No one is out to get us, and no one is going to save us. These things exist because they exist, and will do whatever it is they do. I think that’s the problem we have, we want there to be some great plot or underlying reason for this. There’s not. We are alone, and the universe does not care. At least, I sincerely hope it doesn’t."
― Doctor Charles Gears to the O5 Council (SCP Foundation)

The power to achieve supernatural feats by rejecting aspects of reality.

Also Called

  • All Fiction (Medaka Box)
  • Reality Denial


The user can achieve supernatural feats by rejecting aspects of reality. They can become indestructible by denying physical damage, deny the laws of physics, and even become immortal by denying death/aging.


Basic Applications:

Advanced Applications:



  • User must be in constant denial to maintain these feats.
  • Whatever the user accepts can be used against them.
  • Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.
  • Cannot affect users of Reality Separation.
  • Cannot reject a reality brought on by users of Universal Irreversibility.

Known Users

  • Taito Kurogane (A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives); via Dark Rabbit Mode
  • Orihime Inoue (Bleach)
  • Espers (To aru Majutsu no Index)
  • Misogi Kumagawa (Medaka Box)
  • Izanagi users (Naruto)
  • Basara Toujou (Testament of Sister New Devil); via Banyuusekiryoku
  • Frisk (Undertale); via Determination
  • Nagumo Hajime (Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest); via Deny All Existences