"The very threads of existence must be torn asunder, then burned, then the ashes scattered, until all is nothing and no one exists to remember existence."
― Tharizdun's Dogma (Forgotten Realms)

The power to rip/sunder the fabric of reality. Sub-power of Destabilization. Advanced version of Concept Ripping.

Also Called

  • Reality Breakdown/Destabilization/Ripping/Shredding/Tearing


User can rip/sunder the fabric of reality, causing a complete and total breakdown of anything/everything. This allows them to shred the fabric and boundaries that hold together reality until nothing remains, possibly leading to a total collapse.




  • Users of Reality Separation are immune.
  • Unless user is immune or has knowledge of escaping, they may disappear with the collapsing reality.

Known Users

  • Tharizdun (Forgotten Realms); when freed
  • Collapse (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Objects

  • Trigger of Destruction (El-Hazard)
  • Thresher (SCP Foundation)


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