The power to remove unwanted aspects or impurities, refining anything.

Also Called

  • Absolute Purification
  • Alchemical Purification
  • Imperfection Removal
  • Perfect Purification
  • Pure State Inducement


User can refine anything to its purest potential, refining ore into metal, removing illness from a body, removing impurities in an illness to make it stronger, etc. Refining something means it can become a much stronger variant, or all together progress into a new, pristine form.




  • May be limited to physical concepts.
  • Requires understanding and precision as to what is being removed. 
  • Likely irreversible. 

Known Users

  • Junko (Touhou Project: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
  • Kushinadahime (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Objects

  • Magic Hammer (Wreck-It Ralph)


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