The power to increase size by regenerating. Combination of Body Shedding and Regenerative Empowerment. Variation of Size Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Regenerative Embiggening
  • Healing Phage


User increase size by regenerating, becoming bigger and stronger after receiving damage.




  • Power may still be overwhelmed if assaults are too great.

Known Users

  • Killer Croc (Batman: Arkham series)
  • Gerard Valkyrie (Bleach); via "The Miracle"
  • Space Lubbers (Marvel Comics)
  • Centichoro/Elder Centipede (One Punch Man)
  • William Birikin (Resident Evil 2); via Golgotha/G-Virus
  • Derek Simmons (Resident Evil Franchise); via C-Virus

Known Items

  • Growing Man (Marvel Comics)
  • C-Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • Golgotha/G-Virus (Resident Evil 2)


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