A circumstance in which the user needs artificial means to regulate and stabilize their otherwise uncontrollable powers. A variation of Dependency and Aversion.

Also Called

  • Stabilization
  • Technology Reliance


The user requires artificial means to regulate and stabilize their otherwise uncontrollable powers. Without these regulators, the user's powers could be a danger to themselves or those around them. Said regulators typically take the form of a technological device.


Known Users

  • Hazmat (Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects); needs to wear a thin bodysuit to keep his body from decomposing.
  • Jennifer Takeda (Marvel Comics); due to side effect of her powers, Hazmat will need to stay in a containment suit whenever she is outside of a controlled environment (e.g. a room which can isolate her from others who can be killed by her substances)
  • Multiple Man (Marvel Comics); requires a special suit to keep himself from multiplying from impacts.
  • Cyclops (Marvel Comics); required to wear ruby quartz visors and sunglasses to keep his Optic Blasts in check.
  • Havoc (Marvel Comics); required to wear a special suit to keep his powers in check to avoid accidentally hurting someone.
  • Rogue (Marvel Comics); required to keep her skin covered to keep her powers from affecting people.
  • Iceman (Marvel Comics); used to need a power-belt to keep his powers under control.
  • Surge (Marvel Comics); can't control her electricity absorption, and thus must wear specifically-designed gauntlets at all times to regulate it.
  • Torpid (X-Men: Evolution); has to wear gloves, otherwise she paralyzes anyone she touches.
  • NRG (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien); requires a special suit of armor to keep his radiation from spreading.
  • Blight (Batman Beyond); being a living nuclear hazard, he's required either a special suit to keep from harming everyone or be isolated.
  • Ed Stargard (DC Comics); due to his body's design(which is like a baby's), he can't leave his office.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Rei Ogami (Code: Breaker); wears a ring on his left thumb to control his powers, and a glove over the same hand to further restrict himself.
  • Moka Akayashi (Rosario + Vampire); to minimize her vampire abilities.
  • San Otonashi (Rosario + Vampire II); needs to use a sketchbook to communicate, as her voice is dangerous, due to her being a powerful siren.
  • Junta (Marvel Comics) uses a belt to regulate his gravitational abilites


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