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"Your reality's regulator has been pulled from it's purpose and put to another use,"
"Yet still it seeks coordination with it's counterparts,"
"The confusing signals it sends are disrupting the entire framework,"
"The danger of kingdom-wide shutdown is great."
"There is no way for you to personally remedy the situation?"
"I have tried and failed to gain control."
"But i thought you omnipotent! Infallible!"
"I am, within a well-functioning system....which this no longer is."
― The Above All Others and The Living Tribunal (Marvel Comics)

The power to be all-powerful in a stable system. Variation of Conditional Power. Expression of Nigh-Omnipotence.

Also Called

  • All-Powerful Within Balance
  • Balance/Control/Order/Regulated/System Dependent Omnipotence
  • Conditional Omnipotence
  • Omnipotence Within Order
  • Unlimited Power Within Stability


The user is all-powerful in a stable existence or some other condition. Users are supreme beings and have absolute, unquestionable reign over everything and exist usually as the strongest and most powerful being in all existence as the One God.

However, their supremacy is dependent on a certain specific condition. This dependency can range from cosmic objects made to keep the balance of creation and support the user's omnipotence and supremacy, other cosmic beings whose very existence keeps the supreme being in power, or the condition of all of creation itself could be what the user depends on to be in total control.

Users may be responsible for balance in existence as if it should ever be disrupted it can make the user extremely vulnerable depending on how severely damaged the system is.

Status quo wise, other examples can also include if it relies on chaos, or in other words if chaos and order are kept under balance, as opposed to just order.

In direct comparison, both Reliant and True Omnipotence function rather similarly. However, the latter is not bound by any sort of condition for the power to function, which makes it truly without any weakness, and will never cease to function in whatever circumstance may be.

Applications (General)

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  • The user is dependent on the balance of creation. If the balance is disrupted, the user will lose total control over the existence and will be incredibly vulnerable.
    • The user may become weaker the greater the imbalance is.

Known Users

  • The One Above All/Above All Others (Marvel Comics); via Astral Regulators
  • Hadou Gods (Shinza Banshou); via The Throne and Taikyoku
    • Mithra, The First Heaven
    • Muzan, The Second Heaven
    • Nerose Satanel, The Third Heaven
    • Mercurius, The Fourth Heaven
    • Marie, The Fifth Heaven
    • Hajun, The Sixth Heaven
  • God (Preacher); via The Throne of God