"How could you tell he was a fake?"
"I invited him to go to the Yakov Smirnoff film festival. And he said No."
― Crowd of Reporters and Cosgrove (Freakazoid)

The ability to sense replications and mimicries.

Also Called

  • Clone Awareness/Detection/Perception/Sense
  • Mimicry Awareness/Detection/Perception/Sense
  • Replication Awareness/Detection/Perception


The user can sense differences in multiples, which include twins, replicates and clones. They can sense which one of such multiples is the original of them all, sense mimicries such as mimicked movements, powers, skills, voices, etc. They can sense the disguise of a person, and they can sense psychic modes of mimicry as well. The user has the ability to detect forgeries and counterfeits of different objects.




  • May be limited to certain kinds of mimicries and replications.
  • May not be able to detect some differences between replications.
  • Users of Perfect Doppelgänger and Total Mimicry are immune.

Known Users

  • Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto); via Nine-Tails Chakra Mode
  • Matora Mikogami (Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san)
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