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The ability to modify the reproductive genetic code. Sub-power of Reproduction Manipulation. Technique of Genetic Access.

Also Called

  • Birthing Modification
  • Procreative Manipulation
  • Reproductive Reconditioning


User can modify/reengineer the reproductive genetic code to reproduce ideal individuals with perfect genes, capable of breeding anything from warriors, scholars, etc without any genetic flaws whatsoever.

Users can manipulate DNA to their benefit to give their offsprings any kind of genetic traits to modify personality, appearances, preferences, sex. With such modifications users can producing healthy babies without the risk of birthing defects, induce pregnancy to reproduce asexually and even accelerate their aging process to the proper age of maturity.




  • Only female can reproduce asexually.
  • Modification is limited to the genetic material.

Known Users

  • Amanda Waller (Justice League Unlimited)
  • Krypronians before Superman (DC Extended Universe)

Known Objects

  • Nanotechnology (Justice League Unlimited)