"But I haven't even been CONCEIVED yet."
― Death and Susan (Discworld)

The power to discern events of the past. Opposite to Precognition.

Also Called

  • Backward Knowing
  • Flashback
  • Hindsight
  • Past Evocation
  • Past Vision
  • Postcognition


The user can discern the past and past events using various means, usually entering a trance while seeing and hearing a noted past event, whether it be concerning themselves or of an unfamiliar lineage in a past occurrence. Occasionally spontaneous.


  • Revealing an intricate history.
  • See the events happening in before.





  • May be unable to notice present surroundings.
  • May need specific concentration.
  • May unwilling perceive collective knowledgeable attachments.
  • May gain instability from attained knowledge.
  • May become infected with information.
  • May be unable to tap into history of other universes.
  • May be unable to perceive contents from parallel universe.
  • May require physical contact.
  • May have to enter a state of trance.

Known Users


  • Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Cordelia Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel)
  • Faith Lehane (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The Giver (The Giver)
  • Rosemary (The Giver)
  • Jonas (The Giver)
  • Gabriel (The Giver)
  • Daphne Powell (No Ordinary Family); only via physical contact
  • Cisco Ramon (The Flash)
  • Reverse-Flash (The Flash)
  • Eve (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • Roxie Torcoletti (Eastwick)
  • Angela Petrelli (Heroes); via Precognitive Dreaming
  • Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed)
  • Allison DuBois (Medium)
  • Sara Pezzini (Witchblade); via the Witchblade
  • Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen)
  • Melinda Gordon (Ghost Whisperer)
  • Maxim Horvath (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)
  • Alex (Twitches)
  • Camryn (Twitches)
  • Dinah Lance/Black Canary (Birds of Prey)
  • Cordelia Foxx (American Horror Story: Coven)


  • Chronosapien (Ben 10 Series)
    • Clockwork
  • Saturn Girl (DC Comics)
  • Dream Girl (DC Comics)
  • Captain Comet (DC Comics)
  • Blindfold/Destiny (Marvel Comics)
  • Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen)
  • Terror Inc. (Marvel Comics)
  • Tarot (Marvel Comics)
  • Talisman (Marvel Comics)
  • Nate Grey (Marvel Comics)
  • Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics)
  • Padparadscha Sapphire (Steven Universe)
  • Believix Fairies (Winx Club); via Tracix wings
  • Stella (World of Winx)


  • Users of Memory Reading Quanx ability (Denma)
  • Watchmon (Digimon)
  • Éclair (Fairy Tail)
  • Gods (Kubera); via Insight
  • Leone Abbacchio (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5/V: Golden Wind/Vento Aureo); via Moody Blues
  • Masamune Tōya (Norn9 Norn+Nonette)
  • Ishizu Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh); via the Millennium Necklace
  • Fake Shiki (Tsukihime)

Video Games

  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts); via Kairi's heart to her memory
  • Desmond Miles (Assassin's Creed)
  • Cole MacGrath (Infamous); via Psychic Vision


  • Ghost-whisperers (Shadow Falls); via a ghost's memory
    • Kylie Galen
    • Holiday Brandon
    • Della Tsang
  • Dusty Everhart (Arkwell Academy series); via Dream Walking
  • Lirael (Old Kingdom series)

Known Objects

  • Time TV (Doraemon)
  • Time Gem (Marvel Comics)
  • Zecora's Potion (My Little Pony series)
  • Time Flower (Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew)
  • The Witchblade (The Witchblade)
  • Millennium Necklace (Yu-Gi-Oh)
  • The Mask of Uroboros (Witcher 3 Wild Hunt)


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