The power to discern the past through visual art. Technique of Art Manipulation. Variation of Retrocognition. Opposite of Precognitive Artistry.

Also Called

  • Retrocognitive Illustration/Painting/Drawing


The user can discern events of the past with writing, painting or drawing the pictures.




  • May not understand the pictures one draws.
  • Discerns of the past may be absolute but vague.
  • Limited to drawing pictures and not actually knowing what happened in the past.
  • May be limited by the user's artistic ability.

Known Users

  • Oracle of Delphi hosts (Percy Jackson book series)
    • Prophets (Religion/Mythology)
    • Rachel Elizabeth Dare (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
    • Oracle of Delphi (Greek Mythology)
    • Apollo (Greek/Roman Mythology)
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