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*[[Strength Manipulation]]
*[[Strength Manipulation]]
*[[Structure Strengthening]]
*[[Structure Strengthening]]
*[[Superior Activity]]
*[[Unrestricted Movement]]
*[[Unrestricted Movement]]
*[[Weight Defiance]]
*[[Weight Defiance]]

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The power to be strong enough to move or act with little muscle. Variation of Superior Activity.

Also Called

  • Minimal Muscle Activity


User can effectively move or act with minimal muscle usage, allowing them to move without using too much muscle. While their mass and weight remain the same, they have either a low mass and high force production, or an average to heavier mass to absurdly high force production, making them far stronger than they weigh and thus, making their mass and weight negligible.




  • Can still get tired after too much use.

Known Users

  • Various characters (Dragon Ball series)
  • Kyou Kai (Kingdom)


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