The ability to negate rotational mass, the resistance to change in rotation. Sub-Power of Rotational Mass Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Angular Mass Negation
  • Moment of Inertia Negation
  • Rotational Mass Nullification


The user can negate rotational mass, allowing extraordinary feats of agility in terms of rotation, making sharp changes in the direction of rotation and changing rotational speed losing speed or acceleration and/or deceleration to top speed or at zero speed instantly. They can rotationally accelerate from a standstill instantly and ignore the squared distance, making them able to move with their limbs stretched as they could when their limbs were shortened.




  • Cannot ignore outside forces such as gravity and friction, only the body inertia.
  • User may get disorientated for making so many rotations in a short amount of time.
  • User still moves like they had their rotational mass.

Known Users

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